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Community Solar Gardens

A community solar garden is a large array of solar panels that you can subscribe to instead of putting panels on your roof. We build community solar gardens with thousands of panels. You subscribe to a portion of the energy produced in the community solar garden, along with many other residents who share your commitment to renewable energy.

The electricity generated by the community solar garden goes into the Xcel Energy grid and your portion is calculated. You pay for your subscription and are credited for your solar production as a line item on your Xcel bill. Xcel pays a premium for the solar energy, so you are credited more than you pay, resulting in immediate savings for you. In year 1 of your subscription, you can save 10% on your electricity.

Choose community solar is a way to a cleaner future for everyone!


    • Generates offsite solar energy
    • Distributes utility scale power directly to the existing electrical grid
    • Requires 8 acres to produce one (1) MW of power
    • Ability to participate by either:
      • Subscribing to a solar garden
      • Private solar garden
      • Public solar garden